We are a German-Lithuanian company providing truck maintenance and repair services in Germany.

When we have entered the German market in 2019, we brought our experience, motivation and goals with us. We started with a single workshop, but quickly gained a lot of customer acceptance and willingness to cooperate. Today, the network has five locations and we are continuing to grow. We believe that we must keep up with the latest technology and innovation. That’s why we are working hard not only to expand, but also to improve and update our knowledge and skills, as well as to further improve the quality of our work.

We specialise in servicing and repairing trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and trucks.  Deigas GmbH is an experienced company that takes the needs of each customer very seriously, ensuring the highest quality of work, a wide range of services and the best prices. In addition to repairs, we also offer programming, heavy vehicle towing, technical inspections and tachograph checks. We cooperate with Semmler, Schmitz Cargobull, Krone, TIP Trailer, Lohr, Kässbohrer, and we carry out their warranty work and technical services. We are well aware that it is only through recommendations of quality work that we can grow our customer base. Each employee is a qualified specialist in his/her field, who performs his/her work thoroughly and responsibly.

Deigas GmbH has received a large number of customers that have made it physically impossible to service them in one workshop, so now we have 5 branches and can service all makes of trucks, road transporters and trailers.

Our aim is to demonstrate a high level of service and care for every customer, partner or company.

The founders of the company, Gytis Gaspariūnas and Deividas Vojevudskas, wanted to test themselves and their engineering skills and decided to join the Deigas Racing rally raid team, where Gytis is one of the crew members. In mid-October 2023, the team tested the new Tatra Yamal truck at the Rally of Morocco, and in 2024 they are preparing for an even bigger challenge – the Dakar Rally.



To register for the repair and notify you of your arrival in advance, we suggest you fill in all the registration boxes. Our department will be notified of your arrival. After completing the roadside assistance boxes, our consultant will contact you!